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iHeart lims (last icon maker standing)
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Welcome to i_heart_lims this community is dedicated to lims « last icon maker standing » challenges only and on't worry! our challenges are based on various subjects (:
If you want to take part of the community you need to follow this rules
• in every round, if you want to partecipate, you had to sign up or your icon won't be accepted
• you can sign up until the firt challenge is still open
• you had to use images relating to the subject that we'll provide
• each challenge will last 5 days
• the icons must be done by you for this community, no old works
• you may change your icon whenever you want by the deadline
• all partecipants will have only 1 skip
• the amount of users voted out each challenge will depend on the number of participants, in the end will remain only two that will battle it out in a final challenge
• each round there will be a people's choice and also a mod choice
• when you vote, try to be honest and objective, give a short concrit but be polite and try to not offend
• obviously you can't vote youserlf
• promoting is welcome but optional

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