jess 3

on hiatus

I'm sorry to annunce that the community go on hiatus. I was forced to close round 3 and now we haven't enough partecipants to start round 4 and honestly I don't really know what to do. I didn't have much time either lately, so the community is in hiatus from now! I don't know for how long.

stefan & elena


Here we are with the first challenge for round three... good luck everyone! The supernatural creatures you have to icon for this challenge are werewolves!
Remember that for this round you can earn up 2 skips, so if you haven't get them and you want to get the second one you can still promote the community and leave the link as a comment here (:

vampire_sessah / orangelusik / messdestruction / vapor

» you can use any fandom you want
» your icons must show the kind of supernatural creatures chosen for this challenge
» your icons must be new, made specifically for this community
» you can enter only ONE icon!
» your icon must fit in the lj standards
» comment to this post with your icon
» everything is allowed but no animations!
» you're allowed to change your entry to deadline
» DEADLINE for this challenge is SATURDAY 01 DECEMBER AT 20:00 PM (italy time - countdown)

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